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Rosmah’s Estranged Daughter Told Court Made The Right Decision

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PETALING JAYA, Sep 2 – The High Court made the right decision in convicting Rosmah Mansor of corruption over the RM1.25 billion Sarawak rural schools’ solar energy project, says Azrene Ahmad, the daughter from Rosmah’s previous marriage.

Taking to Instagram, Azrene, who was previously reported as being estranged from Rosmah, maintained that the court’s decision needed to be respected.

“Let the matter be exhausted until the Federal Court if need be. We need to trust in the facts and our judiciary’s ability to arrive upon its judgment unencumbered and unafraid.

“As a child, it is always easy to think only in the subjective. It is always difficult to be objective in our thoughts and actions, given the socio-theological conditioning we have received since birth.

“Despite many subjective ‘white noise’ dictated by our society, culture and its application of religion, I remain objective. Right is right, wrong is wrong – especially when it comes to leaders (spouses included); even when they are family,” she said.

Azrene, who is married to celebrity chef Fazley Yaakob, said she has been subject to various remarks for the past four years, since the fall of the Barisan Nasional government.

She maintained that she would continue fighting for the nation’s interests as it was her responsibility as a human being and a Malaysian, despite her limited capacity.

“As a child, I can only continue to keep them (my parents) in my prayers and hope for the best even when I expect the worst,” she said.

Yesterday, the Kuala Lumpur High Court found Rosmah guilty on all three counts of corruption in connection with the Sarawak schools’ solar energy project.

High Court judge, Mohamed Zaini Mazlan sentenced the wife of former prime minister Najib Razak to 10 years in jail and a RM970 million fine, though this was stayed pending her appeal to the Court of Appeal.

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